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Overcame Lifelong Anxieties & Depression – A New Lease on Life!


Lynn N. (Brisbane, Australia) April 9, 2016

Lynn suffered from anxiety and mild depression for most of her life. Medication didn't help. This caused her to develop a sugar addiction and put on weight, which she was unable to lose. Additionally, due to her anxieties, she had family issues which she could not resolve for many years. For all intents and purposes, she had lost the zest for life.

After viewing the SEC films ('The Secret to Success' and 'The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease') for 90 days, she:

  • overcame all her anxiety and depression
  • was able to resolve her family issues after many years now with confidence
  • was able to undertake a major project at work for the first time without anxiety which resulted in a promotion
  • overcame her sugar addiction and lost 5 kilos in 3 weeks
  • regained zest for life, started new projects, traveled overseas and finally accepted a wedding proposal.

A Real Eye-Opener and Awakening!

Rob Heaney (Shropshire, UK) April 9, 2016

SEC Films
The 'Secret to Success' SEC Film is an incredibly powerful tool! It has given me a great sense of self-driven power and focus to achieve my goals... in a way that has removed that sense of fear - that little voice inside your head that tells you you're not good enough, not worthy, not powerful enough. Likewise with the 'Secret to Wealth' SEC Film, it has helped to rebalance my relationship with money by removing that fearful voice in my head that was stopping me from seizing financial and business opportunities, all of which were perfectly doable! I have come to realise that, in the past, I would always convince myself that I didn't deserve to make a lot of money from my ideas and opportunities. Now, however, I approach opportunities from a point of abundance, rather than focussing on a lack. I remember the first time I watched the SEC Films, I felt like I had tapped into something special. I wasn't sure what, but it was some sort of energy deep inside me that grabbed my attention and inspired me – an awakening of sorts, if you will. I knew right then that I wanted more of it! The SEC Films have not only improved my confidence and inspiration to seize opportunities that I would otherwise have talked myself out of, but my overall mindset is so much more open and positive to good things happening! ...and what I have since learned about the techniques, and the science behind them, is nothing short of amazing. Not only have I come to realise that the SEC Films have the power to unlock unlimited potential within me, but after reading about the proven sciences behind it, I have also had a life-changing realisation that, essentially, each and every one of us on this planet has this amazing potential built into us from birth! Human beings are so much more powerful than we think, but over time we have all conditioned ourselves with our own self-limiting beliefs and fear-driven talk, that we have forgotten who we truly are! We ALL possess unlimited potential - we just have to learn to tap into it! And with the right mindset and guidance, the SEC Films are the perfect tools to help you do it!

I was lucky enough to first meet Regina Rowlison whilst on my travels through Australia. Coming from the UK, I was writing a new chapter of my journey through life and was keen to make a fresh start in certain aspects of my life. There were several areas that I was not happy with, and after meeting Regina, I knew she was a very special person who was worth knowing. After discussing and learning many new fascinating things about life, spirituality, mindfulness and the sciences of the human mind & body, we soon both came to the realisation that she could help me to unlock my potential and enrich the areas of my life that I sought to improve. Regina provides a personalised coaching strategy on a very high level of teacher-student confidentiality and trust, which has given me the confidence and reassurance to really dig deep into my thoughts and emotions and be able to talk about and share them on an intimate level, with the full assurance that I can speak openly and honestly, not just with her but with myself and others, which is just as important! Only when you are truly open and honest with yourself, can you fully know yourself, and therefore completely unblock and unlock your full potential. Regina has helped me to do that on a holistic level, which is affecting all areas of my life for the better, and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Regina!

Miracles CAN Happen!

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Kathy Rogers (Brisbane, Australia) April 9, 2016

Kathy Roger's testimonial for her 15 year old daughter, Brooke Rogers
Diagnosis - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Brooke currently has persisting CRPS in her left foot and intermittently in her left hand. She has previously had CRPS in her right foot. Altogether Brooke has been suffering from CRPS for the past 2 years. There is no determined cause. Brooke’s young life has been psychologically and physically impacted on by this disease.

Brooke’s flares are persistent, lengthy with little resting time between flares. Her flare duration was between 2 to 3 weeks with extreme pain, colour changes, cold limbs, sweating were some of the main symptoms. Brooke was mentally and physically exhausted from the flares she endured and the medication she required included opioids. Brooke does not engage well with medical intervention and lacks motivation and self-discipline to conquer her illness.

We sought assistance from natural therapies as medical intervention had been unable to pacify her pain or anxiety. We obtained assistance from Sally Dymond at "The Body Specialist" who is providing Scenar Therapy. Sally introduced us to Regina and provided us with access to her SEC Film "The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease".

Brooke commenced the viewing of the SEC film on the 1st September 2015. Brooke viewed the film morning and night. Brooke was so inspired by the SEC film that she made her own film with positive affirmations which of course was not a substitute of the SEC film, however, gave her purpose, an outlet and a positive mindset as well. She watches the SEC film every day, sometimes more than once as well as her own.

After watching the SEC Film in total of only 7 weeks (recommended viewing is a minimum of 90 days), the following progress has been measured…most improvements were noted already after the first 3 weeks of watching the SEC Film:

  • Brooke's mindset had changed to a more positive one
  • Brooke was so inspired that she produced a little mind movie with embedded positive affirmations of her own after watching the SEC Film daily
  • Brooke is able to attend school and a normal classroom for first time in more than 12 months instead of not being able to go at all or only for a couple of hours with special teacher aids in a separate room
  • Brooke reduced her dependency on a wheelchair and/or crutches and is walking much better
  • Brooke has been able to go on a holiday travelling by car without finding the vibrations of the engine causing pain/flares
  • Brooke's recovery time from any setback such as bumping her foot has reduced drastically
  • Brooke's flares and duration of flares have reduced drastically
  • Brooke reduced her everyday medications and had extended periods without requiring any pain medication

After commencing with the SEC Film, Brook improved exponentially within 3 weeks and it gave us hope that Brooke once again, gain some normality to her life. Life at home became more upbeat and lively allowing our family to focus on activities outside of Brooke's needs and the home. The simple things that we take for granted such as tying our shoes, getting ready for school, wearing a school uniform, going to work, being in the backyard were once again celebrated with enthusiasm, recording these everyday events with photos as if it was the first time our child had achieved these things.

We look forward to continuing on our course with the SEC Film.

Kathy's Signature

Letting Go of Fear, followed by a Miracle!

Maria Gubier (Brisbane, Australia) April 9, 2016

SEC Films
When I met Regina, I was starting a business but I was extremely stressed and fearful about how things would go. I didn't believe in myself and, despite the fact that I was following my passion, my self esteem was very low. After watching the simple SEC Films 'The Secret to Success' and 'The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease', I now have faith and trust that everything will go well, and hence my fear levels reduced drastically. I'm so much more relaxed and happier on a daily basis. It used to take me up to three hours to psyche myself up to make an important business call, but just the other day it only took me a couple of minutes. My fears have totally diminished and confidence levels have moved, from about five, up to ten on the scale of the monitoring sheet.

Miraculous Recovery
Furthermore the following miracle occurred... I suffered from Mortars foot condition for a couple of years... this condition is caused by bones rubbing together, creating debris under the foot making it painful to walk and the only medical solution is surgery. Therefore, I considered surgery for quite some time and after checking on it recently, I got the good news that this condition of mine has completely vanished! Best news! No surgery required! The only thing that I can say that could have contributed to this miraculous recovery was watching the SEC Film "The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease"!

I can't talk highly enough of Regina. I love her holistic approach, which includes both emotional and spiritual, as well as the physical aspects. My diet is now excellent. I engaged with her for business coaching and soon amazing things were happening. I began to unblock which gave me lots of inspiration / new ideas for ways to generate income in business, including the idea to go global, not just national. Even better, I'm now unblocking on a more personal level and notice thoughts, emotions, habits and interactions that all NEED TO CHANGE to bring about a more abundant, productive and fulfilled me. I now see myself on my spiritual journey, after not having achieved this before, even after 20 years of meditation. I will engage Regina in the future to work on health issues as well. I trust her work 200% that we will be able to achieve results successfully, as I carry a lot of baggage from childhood trauma. Only one person in my life has inspired me as much as Regina and that was 30 years ago. She's professional, thorough and truly gifted. I'm so glad I met her. She provides me with what I've been looking for.

Can't thank you enough for the SEC Films and the Coaching. Best money I've ever spent!

A New Direction and a New Purpose!

Aeve P. (Brisbane, Australia) April 9, 2016

I met Regina just before I entered into an 18-month dysfunctional relationship and when it ended I was affected so severely that I couldn't function for several months. Throughout the relationship Regina offered help with her SEC Films 'The Secret to Success' and 'The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease', but I was getting something I needed from the relationship and was not ready to take on a new approach to healing. Even though at times I was in a lot of pain and distress with my partner's dysfunctional behaviours and with my own dysfunctions that I wasn't addressing and had affected me for most of my life. I'd spent the last 24 years in intermittent psychotherapy and it hadn't helped me to deal with the problems that kept me dependent on others to fill my needs and perpetuated my low self-worth.

When the relationship ended I started watching the SEC Recovery and Success Films and then in a couple of months began meditating every day as suggested by Regina. I have also had coaching by Regina to help bring all areas of my life back into balance. Every month over the past 6 months I've found my anxiety and fears dramatically reducing and my self-confidence increasing. Also during this time I discovered what it is I truly love to do and have embarked on a new career of writing and helping others to overcome grief and loss by using the same tools and strategies that I have been blessed with.

Without the help of Regina through her SEC Films and her guidance, I know that I wouldn't have healed in such a short time. I know of others who have taken years to recover after coming out of these types of relationships.

I can now say that I am healed and have a brand new and exciting direction for my life through living my highest purpose. Thank you so much Regina for your support and for your gift to the world through your SEC Films and Coaching.

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