Rob Heaney (SEC Films Only)

Rob Heaney (Shropshire, UK) May 31, 2016

SEC Films
The ‘Secret to Wealth’ SEC Film is an incredibly powerful tool! It has helped to rebalance my relationship with money by removing that fearful voice in my head that was stopping me from seizing financial and business opportunities, all of which were perfectly doable! I have come to realise that, in the past, I would always convince myself that I didn’t deserve to make a lot of money from my ideas and opportunities. Now, however, I approach opportunities from a point of abundance, rather than focussing on a lack. Likewise with the ‘Secret to Success’ SEC Film, it has given me a great sense of self-driven power and focus to achieve my goals… in a way that has removed that sense of fear – that little voice inside your head that tells you you’re not good enough, not worthy, not powerful enough. I remember the first time I watched the SEC Films, I felt like I had tapped into something special. I wasn’t sure what, but it was some sort of energy deep inside me that grabbed my attention and inspired me – an awakening of sorts, if you will. I knew right then that I wanted more of it! The SEC Films have not only improved my confidence and inspiration to seize opportunities that I would otherwise have talked myself out of, but my overall mindset is so much more open and positive to good things happening! …and what I have since learned about the techniques, and the science behind them, is nothing short of amazing. Not only have I come to realise that the SEC Films have the power to unlock unlimited potential within me, but after reading about the proven sciences behind it, I have also had a life-changing realisation that, essentially, each and every one of us on this planet has this amazing potential built into us from birth! Human beings are so much more powerful than we think, but over time we have all conditioned ourselves with our own self-limiting beliefs and fear-driven talk, that we have forgotten who we truly are! We ALL possess unlimited potential – we just have to learn to tap into it! And with the right mindset and guidance, the SEC Films are the perfect tools to help you do it!