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2017 Awardee of Merit for Greater Brisbane Women in Business Awards

Regina Rowlison is an Awardee in 3 categories

1.Innovation & Technology Awards
2.Greater Brisbane Woman in Business of the Year Awards
3.Creating Change Awards

Dr. Surya M. Ganduri

Endorsement for the SEC Film “The Secret To Success” by Surya M. Ganduri, Ph. D. (QUANTUM PHYSICS), PMP.

Dr. Ganduri is an Affiliate of AClass Coaching – Quantum Physics of Beliefs

“See It! Say It! Do It!
We all know that Affirmations work, if they are done right.
When is the last time you made them work for you? Declaring your intentions is only a part of the equation. If you really want to ramp up your results, try adding visualization to your practice.
This is where, my friend and colleague, Regina Rowlison’s SEC Films can help you…

Dr. Surya M. Ganduri, Ph. D.

Benjamin J. Harvey

Endorsement by Benjamin J. Harvey

Difference-Maker Mentor and founder of Authentic Education and keynote presenter for organisations such as the Queensland Government and Youth Challenge Australia. BRW Fast Starters 2013 Award Winner.

“Regina has some amazing mind technologies – her DVD is a fantastic idea and will certainly benefit people.”

Don Tolman

Don Tolman, author, public speaker, trainer and educator, had to say when he read the Preframe and saw the prototype of the SEC Film ‘The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease’:

Hey!! This cannot wait!

> Subject: FINALLY….I watched it….

Worldwide Who’s Who

Recognition – Regina is a lifetime honored member with Worldwide Who’s Who

World Wide Branding


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