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Kathy Rogers (Brisbane, Australia) April 9, 2016

Kathy Roger’s testimonial for her 15 year old daughter, Brooke Rogers
Diagnosis – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Brooke currently has persisting CRPS in her left foot and intermittently in her left hand. She has previously had CRPS in her right foot. Altogether Brooke has been suffering from CRPS for the past 2 years. There is no determined cause. Brooke’s young life has been psychologically and physically impacted on by this disease.

Brooke’s flares are persistent, lengthy with little resting time between flares. Her flare duration was between 2 to 3 weeks with extreme pain, colour changes, cold limbs, sweating were some of the main symptoms. Brooke was mentally and physically exhausted from the flares she endured and the medication she required included opioids. Brooke does not engage well with medical intervention and lacks motivation and self-discipline to conquer her illness.

We sought assistance from natural therapies as medical intervention had been unable to pacify her pain or anxiety. We obtained assistance from Sally Dymond at “The Body Specialist” who is providing Scenar Therapy. Sally introduced us to Regina and provided us with access to her SEC Film “The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease”.

Brooke commenced the viewing of the SEC film on the 1st September 2015. Brooke viewed the film morning and night. Brooke was so inspired by the SEC film that she made her own film with positive affirmations which of course was not a substitute of the SEC film, however, gave her purpose, an outlet and a positive mindset as well. She watches the SEC film every day, sometimes more than once as well as her own.

After watching the SEC Film in total of only 7 weeks (recommended viewing is a minimum of 90 days), the following progress has been measured…most improvements were noted already after the first 3 weeks of watching the SEC Film:

  • Brooke’s mindset had changed to a more positive one
  • Brooke was so inspired that she produced a little mind movie with embedded positive affirmations of her own after watching the SEC Film daily
  • Brooke is able to attend school and a normal classroom for first time in more than 12 months instead of not being able to go at all or only for a couple of hours with special teacher aids in a separate room
  • Brooke reduced her dependency on a wheelchair and/or crutches and is walking much better
  • Brooke has been able to go on a holiday travelling by car without finding the vibrations of the engine causing pain/flares
  • Brooke’s recovery time from any setback such as bumping her foot has reduced drastically
  • Brooke’s flares and duration of flares have reduced drastically
  • Brooke reduced her everyday medications and had extended periods without requiring any pain medication

After commencing with the SEC Film, Brook improved exponentially within 3 weeks and it gave us hope that Brooke once again, gain some normality to her life. Life at home became more upbeat and lively allowing our family to focus on activities outside of Brooke’s needs and the home. The simple things that we take for granted such as tying our shoes, getting ready for school, wearing a school uniform, going to work, being in the backyard were once again celebrated with enthusiasm, recording these everyday events with photos as if it was the first time our child had achieved these things.

We look forward to continuing on our course with the SEC Film.

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