Aeve P

Aeve P. (Brisbane, Australia) April 9, 2016

I met Regina just before I entered into an 18-month dysfunctional relationship and when it ended I was affected so severely that I couldn’t function for several months. Throughout the relationship Regina offered help with her SEC Films ‘The Secret to Success’ and ‘The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease’, but I was getting something I needed from the relationship and was not ready to take on a new approach to healing. Even though at times I was in a lot of pain and distress with my partner’s dysfunctional behaviours and with my own dysfunctions that I wasn’t addressing and had affected me for most of my life. I’d spent the last 24 years in intermittent psychotherapy and it hadn’t helped me to deal with the problems that kept me dependent on others to fill my needs and perpetuated my low self-worth.

When the relationship ended I started watching the SEC Recovery and Success Films and then in a couple of months began meditating every day as suggested by Regina. I have also had coaching by Regina to help bring all areas of my life back into balance. Every month over the past 6 months I’ve found my anxiety and fears dramatically reducing and my self-confidence increasing. Also during this time I discovered what it is I truly love to do and have embarked on a new career of writing and helping others to overcome grief and loss by using the same tools and strategies that I have been blessed with.

Without the help of Regina through her SEC Films and her guidance, I know that I wouldn’t have healed in such a short time. I know of others who have taken years to recover after coming out of these types of relationships.

I can now say that I am healed and have a brand new and exciting direction for my life through living my highest purpose. Thank you so much Regina for your support and for your gift to the world through your SEC Films and Coaching.