Maria Gubier (Success & Wealth Promo Excerpt)

Maria Gubier (Brisbane, Australia) May 12, 2016

SEC Films
I was starting a business but I was extremely stressed and fearful about how things would go. I didn’t believe in myself and, despite the fact that I was following my passion, my self esteem was very low. After watching the simple SEC Films ‘The Secret to Success’ and ‘The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease’, I now have faith and trust that everything will go well, and hence my fear levels reduced drastically. I’m so much more relaxed and happier on a daily basis. It used to take me up to three hours to psyche myself up to make an important business call, but just the other day it only took me a couple of minutes. My fears have totally diminished and confidence levels have moved, from about five, up to ten on the scale of the monitoring sheet.

Can’t thank you enough for the SEC Films. Best money I’ve ever spent!