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The Secret to Accepting Sounds

Price: AUD $297.00

Product Description (click to expand):

There is so much involved in living with the many different sounds in our lives. Audiologists talk about how we hear with our brain. Our ears are where we take convert the sounds of life to neural activity that is sent to the brain where it is processed. It is here that we attach meaning to the different sounds we hear around us. The brain even reorganises itself if you are experiencing a strong emotion at the time we hear a sound. The result is that sometimes we find we develop a mild or even strong reaction to certain sounds around us. – E.g. snoring, sniffing, chewing etc. It is because of the neuroplasticity of our brain that we are able to create programs such as this to allow you to create a new experience of a situation or sounds you find aversive or uncomfortable.

If you have a hearing loss the use of appropriate hearing technology assists the program.

The use of headphones/earphones is recommended when listening to this program. However the use of your personal hearing technology may provide you with additional and better options for using this video. Please discuss with your audiologist or audiometrist for the best solution for you.

This is the right product for you if you want to improve your ability to live the best life you can with the sounds of life you have no control over. Research shows that being healthy, calm and living your life well provides you the best opportunities to experience peace with the sounds of life. All SEC Films are backed by the latest research and findings in Neuroscience (Neuroplasticity) and Epigenetics (Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton Ph.D.), Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Success Coaching Principles. All SEC Films in ‘The Climb’ series use the powerful ‘Self-Empowerment Cinematography’ (SEC) modality.


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