Are SEC Films safe to use?

Yes, SEC Films are visualization tools that are perfectly safe to use. SEC Films use a thoroughly tested visualization technique that has been used by doctors and sports psychologists for more than 40 years. All SEC films are a conscious hypnosis, meaning that the viewer is fully conscious of all the positive beliefs he / she is absorbing on a subconscious level. The visualization itself is based on Exposure Therapy which is perfectly safe and is also used frequently by counsellors and psychologists. It’s purpose is to desensitize fear (phobia) which comes about by being exposed repetitively to what ‘we fear’.

How often should I view the SEC Films?

All SEC Films need to be viewed daily for a minimum of 90 days up to 180 days

Do I need to monitor my progress?

Monitoring is always a very important activity in order to measure progress. Due to the fact that changes will occur on a subconscious level, without initially being consciously aware of, it is recommended that you monitor your progress with our monitoring sheet on a fortnightly basis for the duration of your viewing of the SEC films. This process will give you insights into how such changes have altered your beliefs, your confidence level, your ability to be inspired and your behaviour, such as old habits and patterns.

Do I require guidance/coaching for the SEC Films to be effective?

No. All SEC Films are designed to be a self-help tool and do not require additional guidance/coaching. Continued self-developmental work with the help of professional coaching/mentoring is an extension to the SEC Films. The SEC Films are also powerful tools that can be used by success, life, sports, health and business coaches, counsellors and psychologists in addition to their own programs and workshops etc.

Can I view my SEC Film on my smart-phone?

Yes, however it is not recommended. Small screens do not provide the full “cinematic” impact

Do I need to view the SEC Films with my headphones?

Yes, it is recommended that you use headphones for a more powerful impact

How soon will I notice progress?

Usually after approximately 14 days of daily viewing… however, viewing must continue daily for at least 90 days

Are the SEC Films backed by science?

Yes, please visit our ‘How it Works‘ and ‘About the Science‘ pages for more details

Do all SEC Films come with a 60 day money-back guarantee?

Yes, the risk is on us! Should you be dissatisfied with the product after using it for a minimum of 2½ weeks, please use our Contact Us page to request a refund, and include your order/payment number in your message. Upon receipt, we will then guide you through the Refund-Request Process (see our Refunds & Returns Policy for more details).

If I have purchased more than one SEC Film, can I view them on the same day?

Yes, absolutely!

Is the 'Easy Installment-Payments' Setup Fee a one-time payment or will I pay it every month?

The ‘Easy Installment-Payments’ Setup Fee is a one-time payment, and is only charged as part of your first installment. (Applicable only if you choose to pay by installments)


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