Regina Rowlison

Founder of Use Your Powers

Regina Rowlison is a Life, Wellness and Success Coach, 2014 Host for the US Mentors Harbors’ Radio Show “Shape Your Destiny”. Regina has been interviewed by Dr. Surya Ganduri, Quantum Physicist (Quantum Physics of Belief), Mentor and Success Coach on Mentors Harbor US VoA Radio… and by Izolda Kelemen on the US on-line TV series ‘The Journey of Awe’ – The 3 Minute Miracle. Regina is an Honored Member of the ‘World Wide Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs’. Regina is the founder of Use Your Powers, a division of AClass Coaching and creator of the World’s First and Only Self-Empowerment Cinematography Films (SEC Films) designed to promote success in all areas of life including health, wealth & relationships.

About Use Your Powers

Use Your Powers is a self-empowerment organisation. We are a leading provider of life-transforming brain technology products, called Self-Empowerment Cinematography (SEC) films which are based on and backed by the latest research findings in the new sciences including neuroplasticity (neuroscience), neuropsychology and the new Biology of Belief (Epigenetics by Bruce Lipton Ph.D.).

These powerful yet extremely easy-to-use visualization tools are the most effective self-help tools in the world which rewire the brain (subconscious programming) in days. The SEC films have also been endorsed by the most qualified doctor in Australia and by some of the best coaches in the world. (See our Achievements page for details).

The applied visualization technique in the SEC films was devised by a psychotherapist and tested thoroughly by her husband, a renowned US oncologist called Dr C O Simonton. Through the application of technology and the addition of other powerful self-developmental techniques, these tools now fast-track any self-development phase and compliment perfectly any existing self-developmental program. Reasons being, the SEC films not only accelerate efficiently and effectively clients’ ability to dissolve their personal success blockers (including fear and self-limiting beliefs on a conscious and a subconscious level) but also simultaneously increase their confidence levels to take massive action in only 3 minutes a day. As a result of daily repetitious viewing for only 3 weeks, and the absorption of new positive beliefs with each viewing, clients experience a rapid transformation and start to achieve their goals, attract and build wealth, unlock their potential, and recover from dis-ease (emotional eg depression, anxiety and physical symptoms of dis-ease) with lasting results. After a total of 90 days of viewing for only 3 minutes in the day, the new neuropathways that were formed are hardwired with absolutely awesome results.

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