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Life is full of challenges that seemingly stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. Imagine your life free of the things that are holding you back or keeping you stuck. UseYourPowers makes it easy to overcome your obstacles and make life give you what you really want. LEARN MORE

Dissolve Fear and Anxiety
Overcome Financial Struggle
Recover from Dis-ease
Improve your Relationships
Dissolve Personal Success Blockers
Unlock your Potential
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Become A Better You

Become a Better You in Just 3 Minutes a Day!

Use Your Powers has created brain transforming technology products to successfully help individuals overcome their obstacles and maximize their performance, potential, relationships, wealth and health with lasting results.

The latest findings in neuroscience have established that you can change your life by changing your brain… Neuroplasticity is the way the brain continues to create and develop connections, making brain training exercises a way for us to control the way we live.

If you’re like most people these days, the majority of your time is consumed by dealing with mundane activities… things like emails or posting on social media, to bigger issues like financial struggle, your or your loved ones’ health challenges including depression & anxiety, struggling to advance your career, or dealing with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Day after day, you’re simply weighed down by all the “stuff” in your life and overwhelmed by your ever-lengthening to-do list and struggles.

In order to help you overcome these obstacles, and make the transition to discovering and living your larger destiny, Regina Rowlison has created the World’s First easy-to-use Visualization Tool in the form of a 3 minute Video called Self-Empowerment Cinematography (SEC) Film

Now is your time to become the best You ever!

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Our Mission

is passionate about enabling people to reach their goals and dreams. Our mission is to be the leading provider of life transforming technology which closes the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be. Our brain transforming technologies are helping you to overcome the obstacles in your way to achieve your fullest potential and living a fulfilled and meaningful life. Our scientifically proven methods are helping you to transform to become a Better You in your life with an everlasting impact on you, your loved ones and the world around you!

The Science

You Have the Power to Transform your Life

Recent scientific research in Neuroplasticity has proven that you can change your life by changing your brain, replacing the formerly-held position for many years that the brain is a physiologically static organ. Published studies in Neuroscience show that your brain can create new neuropathways through specific brain training exercises. As a result, you are able to improve your brain’s function and transform all aspects of your life including health, finances, and relationships. Use Your Powers have developed powerful self-help visualization tools that are backed by numerous sciences including Neuroplasticity to help you achieve your goals and create the life of your dreams. We call these life-transforming tools Self-Empowerment Cinematography (SEC) Films.


 My Story

Regina Rowlison

Regina’s History

I know all about adversity, setbacks and resilience. In 2009, due to the impact of the global financial crises on my business in the luxury industry, I had no choice but to change direction and embarked on a new life-path in the life coaching industry studying ‘Millionaires Philosophy’ and Success. In the same year, my mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer for the 2nd time. On the journey to help my mother fight her cancer, I submerged myself in thorough research of alternative cancer therapies and counselling therapies. I drew on my attained knowledge on the subconscious mind, success principles and applied concepts from Psychology, Epigenetics by Bruce Lipton Ph.D. (Biology/Quantum Physics of Belief), Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity in conjunction with a thoroughly researched visualization technique by Dr. O. Carl Simonton (intern. acclaimed oncologist) when I created the SEC Films ‘The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease’ and ‘The Secret to Success’ using the powerful Self-Empowerment Cinematography (SEC) film modality. ‘The Secret to Recovery from Dis-ease’ is the first SEC Film in ‘The Climb’ series which promotes recovery from chronic dis-ease with applied therapies and concepts that have been tested by myself personally and are backed by clinical peer-reviewed research publications and the new sciences.



You can change your life with Self-Help made easy!

Introducing the World’s First Self-Empowerment Cinematography (SEC) Films

Transform your life in only 3 minutes a day NOW!


The Secret To SuccessThe Secret To Recovery From Dis-ease


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